What is your site worth?    

About URL Appraisal

What is your site worth?

So what exactly is your site worth?

That's the question we know you want the answer to, and the answer is what we try to provide here at URLAppraisal.net. Our unique algorithm utilizes state of the art technology that will completely dissect every aspect of your domain name to determine an accurate estimate on the worth of your URL. Our algorithm is one of a kind and looks at a variety of factors when determining a value for your site including:

1. The age of your domain. The older your domain is, the more valuable it becomes to both potential owners wanting to buy it and also to yourself as the current owner. The longer a domain exists, the more respect it gets from everyone, including search engines like Google and Yahoo.

2. The expiry date of your domain. When you register your domain, the amount of time you register it for can say a lot about the type of value you place on the domain. Registering for the minimum of 1 year can mean anything from you being cheap to you simply not being sure whether or not you plan to do something with the name. On the other hand, registering the domain for 2, 5, or even 10 years can mean the domain has a lot of value and you plan to hold on to it for a good long time.

3. Google Pagerank. This is an internal metric used by Google to rank all sites on the web from 0 (low) through 10 (high). The scale is logarithmic meaning that in order to jump from one ranking to the next, you have to increase your site in popularity by a major factor. Going from say pagerank 7 to pagerank 8 is a lot harder than going from pagerank 3 to pagerank 4. While not the greatest indicator of site value, pagerank indicates how important Google feels your site may be, and also how many links from other sites are pointing at your site.

4. Rankings from Alexa and Compete. While not 100% accurate for most sites, ranking services such as Alexa.com and Compete.com can provide some insight into how you compare to the rest of the web and also how much traffic your site receives.

5. Links to you determined by Google and Yahoo. One of the best indicators for how popular a site is comes from the number of other sites linking to it. We grab the latest link information from both Google and Yahoo for use in our algorithm. The more inlinks and pagelinks your site has the more it's worth.

6. URL name analysis. In addition to examining the features above, we also take into account the marketability of your domain name itself. Names that are short in length, use common dictionary words, have few hyphens and numbers, and have common extensions such as .com or .org are much more valuable.

In addition to those mentioned above, we also apply more than two dozen additional metrics to help determine the final value for your domain name.


While we strive to be as accurate as possible, our system provides ONLY a rough estimate of your sites worth. While we do factor in many aspects when calculating an estimated worth, our algorithm DOES NOT consider crucial things such as profitability of your niche or current market forces driving sales upward or downward with respect to the final site sales. As a result, yoou should always  perform your own estimate of worth and evaluate what similar sites have sold for in your specific niche before negotiating the sale of your site and domain name. The best indicator of how much your site is worth is how much someone would be willing to pay for it. Look for other sites just like yours that have sold and use that information to price your site accordingly. Always do your research before selling your site to make sure your sale price is fair in the current market.